Surya namaskar with mantra and deeper meaning

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This article is about the traditional practice of Surya namaskar with mantra and there are many different ways to do sun salutations.

As yoga has evolved there have been many new variations that have come over the years but there is a traditional way to practice this technique that comes from the ancient teachings (Vedic teachings).

The Vedic teachings as it relates to actually worshiping the Sun and as we know the Sun is the center of our solar system and it is the source of our life.

So all the ancient traditions around the world have had this aspect of worshipping the Sun (Surya Namaskar mantra) for the power that it gives all of our lives.

12 postures of Surya namaskar and mantra

12 Mantra’s

1. Om mitraya Namaha

Meaning: Prostration to him who is affectionate to all.

2. Om rawaye Namaha

Meaning: Prostration to him who is the cause of change.

3. Om suryaya Namaha

Meaning: Prostration to him who induce activity.

4. Om bhaanve Namaha

Meaning: Prostration to him who diffuses light.

5. Om khagaaye Namaha

Meaning: Prostration to him who moves in the sky.

6. Om pushne Namaha

Meaning: Prostration to him who nourishes all.

7. Om hirangarbhay Namah

Meaning: Prostration to him who contains everything.

8. Om marichay Namah

Meaning: Prostration to him who possesses rays.

9. Om aadhithyay Namah

Meaning: Prostration to him who is God of gods.

10. Om savitre Namaha

Meaning: Prostration to him who produces everything.

11. Om Arkay Namaha

Meaning: Prostration to him who is fit to be worshiped.

12. Om Bhaskaray Namaha

Meaning: Prostration to him who is the cause of luster.

This image shows the 12 Surya namaskar mantras with postures,

Surya namaskar with mantra

Fact about the body and physical movement

Now as we work through this lecture we’re gonna talk about the fact that we have the body and these physical movements are related to the health of the spine.

Which of course when we bend the spine forward and back massages the spine and remember our spine is the most important part of our practice.

Most important physical aspect in our practice because it houses our nervous system it affects the mind.

But it also holds this central channel which is our biggest channel of energy which flows through at the subtle level.

Now when we work with moving the spine forward and back through this practice it’s very powerful starting to open this channel.

And as we do this we are also doing breathing and as we move through this sequence we were actually doing what we have is called pranayama.

And pranayama is helping to work with that life force and as we move through this practice we have visualization.

So typically when you go into a modern yoga class they’re not actually going into the deep meditative aspect of Surya namaskar with a mantra.

It’s more of a physical warm-up and it’s an excellent physical warm-up.

The deeper practice of Surya namaskar with a mantra

But there is a deeper practice that I want to share with you so that you can understand.

And even get the value out of going into not only the physical body but also the energy the emotions. The mind and opening the chakras which relate to all the levels of our consciousness.

  • Physical body
  • Energy
  • Emotions
  • Mind
  • Opening the chakras

As you do this practice you have a visualization of the color of each of the chakras so each posture of which there are 12 postures.

This sequence has a specific color that you visualize at the level of that chakra and what this does is your mind very focused because not only are you focusing on your breath you’re also visualizing.

In addition to that, we have a Surya namaskar with mantra for each of the 12 postures.

These mantras are related to the names of the Sun the traditional Vedic names from the Sun(Surya) out of India ancient times.

And they’re related to the different aspects of the power of the Sun, now when we are doing Surya namaskar with mantra this is related to our hearing.

So you can see you have the physical movement you know breathing, visualization and you’re speaking a mantra out loud and this starts to bring all of the rays of attention into one place because this is the real goal of the practice.

Of all yoga practice is to get that mind in one point to be present.

That’s really all that this whole science is about how do we live in this present moment and through doing the Surya namaskar with mantra.

Four rays of attention

You’re incorporating the,

  • Body
  • Breath
  • Visualization and
  • Hearing

So all these four rays of attention are focused on one thing and this is how we become present to our practice and as we train our mind to be present.

Through this practice, we start to develop a skill of being present and then we take that skill off the mount into our lives and we live present throughout our day.

This is how we empower ourselves through the science of yoga to live a better life not just have a better yoga-practicing get stronger and more flexible.

But how do we work with our mind our emotions and our energy so that when we move through life we are moving from a place of balance harmony and inner peace?

So it’s much more than just a physical practice you’ll hear me say this many times throughout the article.

But I really want you to understand that the depth of yoga is so profound and we’re really only touching a little bit if all we do is a physical practice.

Now as we do this we’re doing every movement with the breath with the visualization and the prayer and the mantra and we start to connect to the 12 Vedic names of the Surya Namaskar with the mantra.

It’s complete what we call sadhana a spiritual practice.

Because not only are you doing something physical you’re also linking your mind to the source of life through the mantra and the visualization.

let’s say you have the physical pranayama the chakra awareness the mantra repetition and the meditation now.

So you see it’s a complete practice as everything that you would do in a two-hour yoga practice in just these twelve rounds of the Surya namaskar with a mantra.

Different powers of this technique

So I’m being a little bit repetitive here because I really want you to hear this message about all the different powers of this technique and how powerful it is.

we understand that as we worship the Sun(Surya Namaskar) we start to come into harmony with the rhythms of nature.

This is very important because our biorhythms should be in harmony with the rhythm of nature.

We are diurnal creatures meaning that we are awake during the day and sleeping at night and many times we’re living in the city we get disconnected from this natural rhythm and we stay very light very late and we get up very late in the morning.

So we start to wonder why am I tired all day well it’s because we’re not in harmony with the rhythm of nature and if we start to do Surya namaskar with mantra in the city even wherever you live you can bring your biorhythm into harmony with the rhythms of nature.

So it’s a very deep practice even at that level like the cosmic level you are connecting your microcosm of this being to the macrocosm of the universe.

The idea is to perform these 12 postures in a steady rhythmic way and this reflects the rhythm that we go through 24 hours in the day.

12 postures are related to the 12 zodiac signs so you can see that everything is connected through this one practice.

That’s how deep it is and it starts to help us to awaken the solar aspect within our own being that means we have different chakras and they’re related to different elements.

The first five chakras of the Surya namaskar mantra

First five chakras are related to the five elements of the universe that create nature and this manifest world that we are living in.

  1. The first chakra is related to the earth element.
  2. The second to the water element
  3. The third chakra at the level of the navel is related to fire
  4. The fourth chakra at the level of the heart is related to air and
  5. This fifth chakra at the love of the throat is related to ether

So these things that construct and compose our own body are coming from the macrocosm of the universe and they are there is a way through our yoga practice to actually connect and to amplify our connection to all of these energies of the universe.

Through this practice, its Surya namaskar with mantra the Sun is a big ball of fire and that is related to our navel chakra and we all need a strong navel chakra because this is related to our,

  • Will power
  • Dynamism
  • Ego
  • Strength of Drive and
  • Personality

So when we relate to the fire through the Surya Namaskar mantra practice we can give ourselves more power, it’s a very heating practice and the heat is actually purifying it’s cleansing the physical body but it’s also cleansing the energy channels known as the Nadi’s.

72,000 Nadi’s throughout this energy body, and remember the yoga talks about five bodies we have the physical body this one very easy to see and work with but we also have the subtle dimensions of our being the energy body.

Hatha yoga

when we do pranayama when we do things that work with the energy we start to balance the energy body and that’s one of the main goals of hatha yoga.

Balancing the Sun and the moon the lunar and the solar energy is the masculine and feminine within our own self and by working with this Hatha yoga practice.

It’s not about only physical stretching and strength it’s about the energy you’re going deeper into the understanding of the science when you start to work directly with your energy.

And the reason we want to do this is that the energy body that subtle vibration that is more subtle than the physical body actually controls the physical body.

It’s not the other way around the physical body is not controlling the energy body so this is why things like pranic healing, energy healing, Reiki acupuncture these things help to heal the physical body because they balance the energy.

Understanding the point

so please understand this point very well it’s the energy body I’m saying it again that actually controls the physical body.

The practice of hatha yoga works directly with the energy body when you put your body into different postures through yoga your crew aiding an energetic effect.

This was the true intention of the original intention of why the Yogi was doing the hatha yoga practice.

So as we revitalized that solar energy it becomes an amazing purification practice as well and as we go deeper into the practice you start to feel that you become the flow now no longer is it thought this is the goal of yoga.

As well not only in hatha yoga are we balancing the energy when we balance the energy that begins to balance the mind because the thoughts the mind is directly connected to that energy.

So as we balance the energy the mind becomes calmer and this is the true gift that hatha yoga has for us rather than just trying to sit in meditation and stop the mind or focus on the universe.

As Patanjali recommended the Great Sage who wrote the yoga sutras his advice was to close the eyes and focus on the infinite.

well, that might not be so easy for us in this modern world so what came later in the evolution of yoga is this idea of working with the energy first, and then the mind can become more stable.

Conclusion :

So I want to leave you with this to understand that I will give another practice and I will teach you how to do them,

  1. Surya namaskar with mantra and
  2. 12 movements with the breathing pattern
  3. with the visualization at the different levels of the chakras
  4. The color and with the mantras

The Surya Namaskar mantra is saying a name a Sanskrit vibration is created by this sound that we produce and that sound actually affects the level of our consciousness.

Sanskrit is comprised of different letters and sounds that are the building blocks of consciousness so we work with the Surya Namaskar mantras of Sanskrit.

we’re actually working with the foundations of our own consciousness that’s why it’s such a powerful science that helps us to change our level of consciousness to balance our mind to balance our energy simply by stating out loud or internally certain words or sounds.

we’ll have another article and then I hope you take a look at all about Surya namaskar with a mantra to let’s just leave you here with the understanding that this is a holistic practice and it doesn’t take very long.

So if you only have 15 minutes in the morning this helps you to step into a state of meditation that also works on the health of your physical body it also helps to balance your emotions your energy in your mind.

I think by now you understand what I’m trying to say it’s a really powerful practice I encourage you to try it and if you bring this into your life every morning you finish that practice and you’re ready to powerful for the entire day.

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